I caught the adventure bug before I was five years old, when I got my first passport. My parents packed us up, with a few worldly belongings, and moved to Bangkok. During our three years as expats we roamed widely throughout Southeast Asia, and when we returned to the U.S. we took the long route home — via India, Greece, continental Europe and Great Britain. Back on home soil, we moved an average of every three years, making pit stops in New Jersey, Michigan, and Washington state. Later, during college, I spent a couple of years bumming around Africa before returning to live in Tennessee. It was there I finished college and started my career as a journalist until I decided to pursue my fortune in New York — to attend grad school and then see what might happen next. Good thing I kept an open mind for surprises. The wonderful world still beckons, and there are many places I want to see and explore.

I’ve never stopped exploring. I’ll go well out of my way to avoid traveling during high season, and I prefer heading off the beaten path. Recent destinations have included the Galápagos Islands, Malaysia, Iceland’s ring road, Hong Kong, the Baltic countries, Argentina, New Zealand and Morocco. Domestic road trips have included the Pacific Northwest and the Grand Canyon, and eastern Canada. I definitely have some favorite spots north of the border: Nova Scotia and Cape Breton Island, the Bay of Fundy — especially at Hopewell Rocks, Quebec city, the Ottawa River along the fur trading route, and Manitoulin Island in Lake Huron.

It should come as no surprise that photography is also one of my great pleasures — and a natural extension of my interest in travel. Check out my galleries for pictures of some of the places I’ve visited. I”m especially proud of my experiments with pinhole photography, especially the images taken with my beloved  P.90 camera made by Kurt Mottweiler. Check it out!